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From time to time fishers are likely to encounter one another.

Often the connections are cordial, informative, and peaceful. At other times these experiences have been negative. In these circumstances we have seen conflicts arise from lack of undertanding, reflect a lack of manners and common courtesy, and in some isloated cases the poor behaviour of a few individuals is at fault.

Conflicts and poor behaviour by individuals, regardless of their status, is not condoned by organized anglers nor First Nations. Together we are working to make the river a better place for fishing.
Fraser River Peacemakers
As recreational sport fishing and First Nations representatives, we have been meeting regularly to find workable solutions to solve conflicts between our fisheries on the lower Fraser River. As interested fishers, we are also pioneers of tomorrow’s river fishery.

You can help by contacting your representatives and talking about the ways we can all work together for the fish, and to improve outr fisheries for generations to come.
chief Willie Charlie: Sts'ailes
Our goal is to avoid conflict and work together through ideas designed to improve relations on the river.

~ chief Willie Charlie
Chehalis band
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