“Conflict in the fishery, provides the energy and opportunity to solve problems we all share”
The Fraser River Fishery Peacemakers (“Peacemakers”) has a primary interest in reducing conflict among river fisheries of the Fraser Watershed to achieve a more orderly and well managed fishery over-all. Early efforts and successes of this work have focused on fisheries for salmon and sturgeon in the gravel reaches of the Fraser River below Sawmill Creek and above Mission. Local participation has been drawn from this area for this purpose. The focus of this area-based group (Chapter) of Peacemakers is on the lower Fraser River (Vancouver to Yale – this organization approach parallels the Lower Fraser River Alliance) structure.
Conflict In The Fishery Provides Energy And Opportunity pdf document
BC Federation of Drift Fishers
Dec. 2013

Expanding the scope of the Peacemakers beyond this area would be at the request and leadership from representatives from other areas. The role of participants from the Lower Fraser Chapter will be to provide start-up guidance/support for other chapters with a parallel mandate, and then to share information on progress/challenges and best practices among Peacemaking Chapters.

Participants recognize their scope of work and responsibility is limited to reducing conflict and building upon common interests in the river fisheries and does not extend to allocation, management advice, or fishery consultations. For greater clarity, this may include jointly convening a meeting to share salmon conservation and fishing knowledge, but would not extend to defining fishing plans that are responsibilities of many of these same participants in structured advisory processes, co-management agreements and consultation forums.
  • Peacemakers’ formation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • River Manners
  • Developing awareness of respectful fisheries
  • Fishery monitoring and catch reporting
  • Education signage
  • Safety in the fishery
  • Fishery-corridor access planning
  • Promotional events : Safety + Culture on the Fraser, Harmony on the Fraser