Being River Safe pdf document
(Christopher Vang Memorial Fund)
The Fraser River is such a prominent feature of the Lower Mainland of B.C. that many people take it for granted. It is common for people to end up in the river when they are not prepared for it. Having a healthy respect for the Fraser River provides a broader understanding of the environment and perhaps gives someone a chance to stop and think before taking risks. CVMF website link arrows

Building a Collaborative Public Signage Plan to Enhance Peace and Security in the Lower Fraser Fishery

The following prospectus makes recommendations on public information signage in the lower Fraser fishery. It has been prepared on behalf of a Joint Working Group of First Nations and Sport Fishing interests to provide strategic public advice as input to compliment the work and responsibilities of various orders of government that manage access to the river and the fisheries. It also suggests specific signs and locations that may be developed by the group in cooperation with government and NGO partners as a pilot to advance shared communications objectives.

The Joint Working Group is a forum of First Nations and Sport Fishing Organizations from the lower Fraser River convened regularly since 2009 to create peace in the areas salmon fishery. Hosted by the Fraser River Salmon Table, the group has led development of a “River Manners” video and pamphlet, organized Peacemakers training taken steps to better understand monitoring and compliance and access plans in the area.

Purpose – Goal
The purpose of this project is to reduce conflicts over access and improve interactions amongst competing users of the river, and in particular over fishing space, or priorities. The ideas presented in this prospectus are based in the Action Plan of the Joint Working Group developed in 2009 that were identified to build “Peace on the River” and addresses their priority to build education and awareness about each other’s fisheries.