2012 Lower Fraser Access Map: Gateways

lower fraser river : gateways map
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Priority Gateways:
  1. Chawathil First Nation
  2. Seabrid Island Indian Band
  3. Sts’Ailes Band
  4. Scowlitz Indian Band
  5. Shxwha:y Village
Secondary Gateways:
  1. Pitt Meadows at Ferry Slip Landing
  2. Langley Waterfront (Derby Reach)
  3. former Albion Ferry Terminal
  4. Langley Waterfront (Glen Valley Reg. Park)
  5. Mission Harbour Authority
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2011 Lower Fraser First Nation Fishing and Monitoring Sites

Lower Fraser First Nations Drift Net Map
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Produced by: AP – October 6, 2011
Source: The 2010 drift net fishing areas were copied from an aerial mosaic of the Lower Mainland that was provided by the Sumas First Nation. The monitoring sites/head recovery depot information was gathered by participants of a Lower Fraser Firsh Nations – Sport Fisheries Access and Monitoring Workshop hosted by the Fraser River Salmon Tabel on April 5, 2011.