According to the 2005 survey (National) over 3 million days were spent fishing in BC freshwater and 2.2 million days fishing in tidal waters, and anglers made major purchases and investments wholly attributable to recreational fishing of over $557 million.

The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) manages sport fishing in tidal (salt) waters as well as sport fishing for salmon in non-tidal (fresh) waters in British Columbia.

The Fraser River is popular for fishing for both salmon and sturgeon
Notice of openings for sport and First Nations fisheries are posted and can be found on the Website of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). However, changes to fishing plans can occur with very little warning.
Salmon Limits, Openings and Closures – Region 2 (Lower Mainland)
BC Sport Fishing Guide

Exercise caution and beware of navigation hazards when entering these waters
Be aware that the Fraser River is subject to angling and netting of salmon many months of the year. In addition to strong currents, concentrations of boat traffic and nets can be hazardous to navigation. Strong currents are unpredictable. All users of the river should be attentive for the presence of fishing boats, and give a wide berth to all boats as well as set nets (stationary gillnets visible by their floats) and drift nets (attached to a moving boat). A drifting boat, particularly when attached to a net cannot stop or turn quickly. An anchored boat takes time to move.
Responsible Fishing – Code of Conduct

It is illegal to disrupt an active licensed fishery – respect all users
Fishing for salmon is licensed and managed under Canada’s Federal Fisheries Act and is a significant cultural heritage for all Canadians. The priority of Aboriginal Food, Social and Ceremonial fisheries is recognized by Canadian Law, second only to conservation, and followed by commercial and recreational fishing. Please respect all users of the salmon resource and observe River Manners in our common pursuit of an orderly, safe and enjoyable Fraser River fishery.
The British Columbia Federation Of Drift Fishers was formed in March 1996 by a group of concerned anglers who felt that their chosen method of angling was in jeopardy.

The Federation has grown to be recognized as the voice of British Columbia’s river anglers. Protection of the resource is our primary concern. The Federation is committed to working with other similar minded organizations and government agencies, whose goals parallel our own. We sit on over 15 Provincial boards or committees including the main board of the sports fish advisory board. Concerned anglers who wish to preserve anadromous fish stocks for future generations should consider joining the Federation: your voice can make a difference!
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BC Federation of Drift Fishers
The BC Wildlife Federation is a province-wide voluntary conservation organization representing all British Columbians whose aims are to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

While our origins can be traced back to the 1890’s when some of its currently operating clubs were formed, the B.C. Wildlife Federation was incorporated under the B.C. Societies Act in 1951 and it became a registered charity in 1969. The Federation is British Columbia’s largest and oldest conservation organization.
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BC Wildlife Federation
Fraser Valley Angling Gudies Association – There is no better way of ensuring you have the ultimate fishing experience then by spending the day on the water with a professional angling guide. The Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association (FVAGA) was formed to ensure that Anglers from around the world get the opportunity to enjoy this world class fishery.

Our Association and its members are committed to Conservation and maintaining a sustainable fishery. Many of our members put in significant hours every year in committees, fish tagging programs and volunteering to ensure the Fraser Valley fishery remains strong for future generations.
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Fraser Valley Angling Gudies Association
The Sport Fishing Institute of British Columbia is a nonprofit society. Contributors and members are made up of a wide range of committed stakeholders including: fishing lodges, resorts, certified tidal angling guides, hotels, charter operators, manufacturers, distributors, tackle shops, dealers, boat marine manufacturers, regional airlines, individual anglers and key insurance industry organizations. Our common goals are to ensure sustainability of our natural resources and that angling opportunities are maintained and promoted.
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Sport Fishing Institute of BC