In 2009, a serious incident on the Fraser River during the summer salmon season demonstrated the deteriorating situation on the Fraser between competing interests in the lower Fraser fishery. A confrontation between a respected First Nations chief and a boat containing 2 recreational anglers escalated into violence among fishermen, and resulted in the discharge of a pellet gun into the face of the chief. The anglers fled and charges were never laid, but the confrontation galvanized First Nations and sport fishing leaders into action. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and resulted in the beginning of dialogue seeking solutions to growing conflicts.

These initial informal discussions resulted in the creation of a joint working group which has met consistently over the past four years. Much of the focus initially was on conflict resolution, but the group quickly began looking ahead at strategies to avoid conflict in the first place, and created an action plan that looked at proactive ways to “get along on the river”.

Participants currently include representatives from the major sport fishing organizations, First Nations and the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance. DFO and other agencies have attended and provided support in various ways to the group. Meetings have been facilitated by the Fraser River Salmon Table.

chehalis river access trail : ribbon cutting (sm) Chehalis River Angler Access –
Protocol + Trail :

A collaborative project dealing with the growing in-land Fraser River salmon fishery
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The establishment of the Trail in 2009 was one of the building blocks in the formation of Fraser River Peacemakers. Exemplary of the goals and the cooperative spirit inherent in the Peacemakers organization, the trail continues to serve as an example and remains a priority for support by the organization (evidenced in the 2011 TRAIL Maintenance – Work Party).

April 14, 2010
In a rare display of unity today, BC’s leading sport fishing organizations and First Nations from the Fraser River released for public viewing their video titled “River Manners” on Youtube as part of their efforts to find ways to get along in the nation’s largest salmon producing river.

a video production by Fraser River Peacemakers
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